The Skateparks Project

Welcome to The Skateparks Project, soon to be your complete guide to every skatepark in the UK. This is a website designed and built by two skaters, in collaboration with local skaters up and down the country, who had a vision and wanted to give something back to the skating community.

So, The Skateparks Project was born in the form of a comprehensive directory of every single skatepark in the UK with reviews, pictures and any other information you could possibly need. Whether you’re planning a casual afternoon session with your friends or a whole day of shredding in an all new terrain, with UK skate news, competition & promo listings and brand updates why would you want to go anywhere else?

At the moment we are still in the early stages of development and trying to build our database, but keep checking back as we hope to launch within the next couple of months.

Thank you for bearing with us while we get the board rolling…