Meet the team

We owe a huge amount of gratitude to the hundreds of people who have contributed to The Skateparks Project while we were developing the idea. And now that we are live, we owe even more thanks to our members and community for helping us make the website even better.

We also have a core team who work on The Skateparks Project:

Alex Jordan – Concept, Design and Marketing

Alex came up with the idea for The Skateparks Project. He is mainly involved with marketing and testing new features for the website. He also looks after finances so speak with him for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Nick Vines – Park Details and Social Media

Nick is responsible for the skatepark database. Any content suggestions or park recommendations go through him. Get in touch with Nick if you see that we’re missing a park or any details are incorrect.

Etienne Bourhis – Developer

Etienne built the website and is constantly trying to improve it. Get in touch with him if you spot any bugs or have ideas for new features!

Chris Davies – Volunteer for Herts/Beds/Essex

Want a team role? We’re looking for volunteers who can spare several hours each week working on helping us run and improve The Skateparks Project. Get in touch for more information.