Horfield Skatepark

Horfield skatepark is a big concrete skatepark with nice smooth surfaces comprised of both a street section and a transition section. It was built by Bendcrate and has been there for many years and is a favourite amongst the locals.

The transition section is made up of a 5 foot quarter pipe with a roll in leading on into a wide 4 foot volcano. On the opposite side to these lining the back end of the skatepark are another two wide 5 foot volcanoes with a flat bank in the middle of the two,  perfect for some back and forth riding.

Adjacent to these is amulti level plaza style street section which features a top level with hubba and manny pad leading into the middle ledge which leads onto the bottm level. On this second part of the street section there is one large 5 stair set with a grind rail going down the middle lined on either side with two hubbas and two flat banks. Next to this there is two seperate 4 stair sets one after the other with grind rails down the middle of each and lined by two long hubbas.

This is a great localpark, definitely worth the visit and even though the transition section is very simple the street section has a lot to offer and many lines for you to try and master. Whats even better about this park is that it is also floodlt meaning that nighttime skating is always on the cards.


Opening Times : Always open
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Horfield Leisure Centre
Filton Road
Dorian Rd

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Dorian Road bus stop: Exit the bus and th eleisure certre which the skatepark is next to will be in sight.

Bus Dorian Road 0.1 miles 17, 24, 505 & 506


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There are no toilets on site howecer there are toilets nearby in the leisure centre.