St George Skatepark (Bristol)

St George’s skatepark was built by Wheelscape in 1982 and then revisited by them in 2003 to bring it up to date and renovate the surfaces. They later gave the park a re-vamp in November 2012. Currently it is an all concrete park with a three section bowl with some street elements and some mellow transitions.

The bowl section here is made up of three joined up round bowls at differing depths each one deeper than the previous one. There is no coping around the edge making it easy to transition in and out of it, and there are some extensions and a roll in along the edges.

The remainder of the park holds pump bumps, curved banks and some other mellow transitions on one side of the bowls and a vert wall and a fun box on the other side. There are also some rails of different shapes positioned around the skatepark.

St George’s is a great skatepark with some nice old school obstacles in a great layout for those long flowing lines. It is a large park with a lot of spacing in between the obstacles giving a lot of time to adjust between tricks. It is a good place for beginners and experienced riders and you should definitely check it out if you are in the area.

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St George's Skatepark
Saint George Park
Church Road

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Lawrence Hill train station: Exit the station onto Church Road and head east until St George’s Park is in sight, here is where the skatepark can be found.

Blackswarth Road bus stop: Exit the bus onto Church Road and head east until the park is in sight, here is where St Georges skatepark can be found.


National Rail Lawrence Hill 0.7 miles
Bus Blackswarth Road 0.2 miles 35, 37, 42, 43, 44, 45 & A5


There are no on site toilets but there are free to use facilities in the nearby shops.


The following suppliers were involved in the design and build of the current skatepark.