Two Mile Ash Skatepark (Milton Keynes)


Two Mile Ash skatepark is a fairly unusual park found in the local park that is an all concrete transitions oriented course.

It is set up in three sections, in the middle is a large pyramid style three hipped bank and either side of this are two super mellow quarter pipes with ledges atop either side.

It is a nice local skatepark and would be a good place to come for a warm up session or simply to practise the basics however if you are after a more challenging skate it would be recommended to try one of the other skateparks in the area.

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  • Concrete
  • Free
  • Outdoors

Getting there

Two Mile Ash Skatepark
Clay Hill
Milton Keynes
National Rail Milton Keynes Central 2.8 miles
Bus Shoreham Rise 0.1 miles 4

Milton Keynes Central train station: As it is a long distance from the station it would be recommended to get a bus or a taxi to Two Mile Ash skatepark.

Shoreham Rise bus stop: Exit the bus onto Clay Hill and head south until the entrance to the park. Here enter the park and Two Mile Ash skatepark will be in sight.

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