Two Mile Ash Skatepark (Milton Keynes)

Two Mile Ash Skatepark is a fairly unusual skatepark. It consists of a pyramid style hipped bank with a concrete flow either side configured as super mellow ‘halfpipes’ which lead into tarmac at each end. There is also a ledge on top of one side of each of the ‘halfpipes’. It’s smooth, but certainly unusual and not particularly well configured for wide use given the limited run up to make use of the pyramid which appears too high relative to the surrounding features.

Opening Times : Always open
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Two Mile Ash Skatepark
Clay Hill
Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes Central train station: As it is a long distance from the station it would be recommended to get a bus or a taxi to Two Mile Ash skatepark.

Shoreham Rise bus stop: Exit the bus onto Clay Hill and head south until the entrance to the park. Here enter the park and Two Mile Ash skatepark will be in sight.

National Rail Milton Keynes Central 2.8 miles
Bus Shoreham Rise 0.1 miles 4