St. Neots Skatepark

Situated in a nice spot by the river, St. Neots is a large skatelite skatepark with a lot of variation in the ramps and with a imaginative layout. It is mainly transition based but there are a few street obstacles here as well.

The park features a large back and forth run that is made up of a big flat bank with a dip next to a huge roll in that lead into the middle section which holds a roll over, riveway with hubba and a jump box lined up. The other end of this section then has a huge vert wall with a quarter pipe in the middle the back of which is shared with a massive 13ft vert half pipe.

Next to this run is two mini ramps back to back with each other forming both a spin and a volcano. One of these mini ramps is then spined with an unusual bowl that curves around these two mini ramps with two open sides and the back of which forms another spine with a fourth mini ramp.

St. Neots is a huge skatepark with a lot of line potential and the obstacles here are all quite large and well spaced out. The arrangement of the back and forth run is not the most original but the set up of the mini ramps is very unique and it would be worth a visit just for these if that is your thing.

The park’s history goes back to 1989 when the ‘old red ramp’ was installed. The ramp deteriorated and in 1994 a wooden vert ramp was built. Following further deterioration, the current skatepark and international competition-grade vert ramp were installed in 2006.

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St Neots Skate Park
River Road
St Neots
PE19 7SB

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St. Neots train station: Exit St. Neots station onto Station Road and head south until the roundabout. Here turn right and then cross over the next roundabout to join onto Cambridge Street, follow this road until it turns into High Street and continue forwards and cross the river. After the river at the roundabout take the road on your left called The Paddock and there will be a footpath at the bend. Follow this footpath until the end and St. Neots skatepark will be in sight.

River Road bus stop: Exit the bus onto St. Neots Road and head up to the roundabout, take the road on the right named River Road and follow it until the end and St. Neots skatepark will be in sight.


National Rail St. Neots 1.7 miles
Bus River Road 0.3 miles 61, 63, 64, 408 & S14


There are no on site toilets but there are free to use facilities nearby.