Rampworld Skatepark (Cardiff)

Rampworld is a large indoor skatepark that is set in warehouse on the northern outskirts of Cardiff. It is constructed of bespoke wooden ramps and features a wide selection of transitions and street obstacles.

The skatepark starts in one corner with a large bowl that has a spine and volcano running through the middle that splits it in two. The bowl is all set at one depth but has an extension and two vert walls as well as a hip in one corner.

Leading off the back side of the bowl here is the rhythm section that starts and ends with quarter pipes and in between the two is a series of jump boxes and spines of various different sizes. It also has a speed corner on the back side as well to back around yourself in.

There is a fairly basic street section that runs along side the rhythm section and starts with a flat bank and a quarter pipe that opens up onto a up & down kicker with a gap and up & down rail. Following this is also a flat bank up with a hubba and rail that leads to a quarter pipe for a return ramp. Next to the street section is a large foam pit and resi ramp that has a roll in lead up to a quarter pipe take off.

The final section here is the mini ramp section that features two large mini ramps that are back to back with each other to form a spine and a volcano between them. The mini ramps are also long and wide giving a lot of time to gain speed and adjust between runs.

Rampworld is a great skatepark that has something for everyone or all abilities. The bowl here has some nice corners and bumps to pump around and the rhythm section has a great flow that allows for endless lines. Whether you are a beginner or experienced skater get down here and check it out.

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RampWorld Skatepark
Unit B
Parc Ty Glas
CF14 5DU

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Ty Glas train station: Exit the station onto Parc Ty Glas and Rampworld will be here.

Ty Glas Avenue bus stop: Exit the bus onto Parc Ty Glas and Rampworld will be here.

National Rail Ty Glas 0.2 miles
Bus Ty Glas Avenue 0.1 miles 28


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