Orford Park Skatepark (Warrington)

Orford Park Skatepark in Warrington was designed and built by Wheelscape, opening in 2011. It is a large all concrete skatepark that features both street and transition elements and can be found in Orford Park.

The skatepark is split into two levels, and the upper level is wrapped around the lower level with an intermediate section linking them up. The lower level is open and flat with a pump bump in the middle and surrounded by bowled edges that lead up to the upper level. and features a spine, extensions and an over vert, In the bottom corner of this area is the intermediate level which is led up with a hipped bank with a small extension and it also features a hubba and anoth flat bank that leads up to the upper deck.

The top level holds sightly more obstacles than the lower levels and starts where the middle level finishes. There is a bowled edge aroudn one side with a small extension that leads around to a run with an up and down kicker, rainbow rail, pump bump and a bricked bowled edge with a love seat inset that curves around the back side.

Orford Park Skatepark is a top class skatepark and has a very creative design as well as super smooth surfaces. The selection of obstacles is wide and they have been arranged well meaning that there are infinite amounts of endless lines that can be easily pumped around all day long without having to push. This skatepark should be high on your list of places to visit whether you are from the area or not.

NOTE: The pump bump in the middle of the lower level appears to have been removed, or maybe it was never put in in the first place despite appearing on the concept design.

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Orford Park Skatepark
Orford Park
Hallfields Road

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Warrington Central train station: Exit Warrington station onto Winwick Street and head north until the roundabout, cross over onto Pinners Brow and follow the road continuing onwards as it turns into Orford Lane. At the bend of the road it will turn into Marsh House Lane, here take the road on the left named Orford Avenue and follow the road until the end where it meets Orford Park. Here is where Warrington skatepark can be found.

Orford Green bus stop: Exit the bus and Orford Green will be in sight, where Warrington skateapark can be found.


National Rail Warrington 1.0 miles
Bus Orford Green 0.1 miles 25, 25A, 26 & 27


There are no on site toilets but there are free to use facilities in the nearby community centre.


The following suppliers were involved in the design and build of the current skatepark.