Get Involved

The Skateparks Project is crowdsourced. What does that mean though?

Essentially, it means that we have built the structure of the website and added a lot of content ourselves. However, the UK is a big place and we can’t get out to every skatepark to take pictures of them all and the database isn’t complete quite yet.

This is where you come in. If you have any pictures, video edits or extra local information about any of the skateparks in our database we invite you to submit them to us and we can update the database with your images and credit you on the site. Likewise, if you know about a skatepark that we have missed or any of the information on the pages is wrong, again, we’d like you to let us know! In turn, as a thank you for your help and support we offer awards to all contributors with special recognition for top supporters.

We have built the site, but it relies on everyone of you to help make it a resource that will benefit generations of skaters to come. Hopefully, if over time everyone helps out and submits some content about their local park, together we can make The Skateparks Project the biggest and the best online UK skateparks resource!

…and that is what crowdsourced means.