Playing Place Skatepark (Truro)

The Truro skatepark at Playing Place is one of the few skatepark that still remains from the 70’s when skateboarding first came over to the UK. It is a large all concrete mellow bowl with no coping that has had been given some additions over the years.

The main bowl area is very open and the transitions here are very mellow, you could easily pump your way around the entire bowl but some of the transitions are harder to find than others. On one side there is a taller, tighter speed bowl type features that can be used to pump around as well. In the 80’s a concrete extension was added and bowled out to provide a quarter pipe on one side.

Playing Fields skatepark is a piece of skate history and it is definitely worth checking out just to see how skateing used to be way back then, however the surfaces aren’t the smoothest and the edges don’t really cater to the requirements of modern transition riders. This would be a good place to come if you want to learn how to skate transitions but for a more challenging skate try one of the other skateparks nearby.

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Playing Place Skatepark
Old Coach Road

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Truro train station: As Playing Fields skatepark is a long way from Truro station it would be recommended to get a bus or a taxi here.

Carlyon Road bus stop: Exit the bus onto Old Coach Road and head south until the village hall. Playing Fields skatepark will be just behind here.


National Rail Truro 3.0 miles
Bus Carlyon Road 0.1 miles 493


There are no on site toilets but there are free to use facilities in the village hall.