Bass Rec Skatepark

Completed by Freestyle in 2011 Derby’s Bass Rec skatepark is an all concrete skatepark with metal coping that holds both a street course and a bowl section.

The street course has all of the usual features including ramps and banks at either side facing each other with a series of obstacles in the middle. On one side there is an interesting driveway with a hubba and a rail on the lead ups and a hubba to bank on one side with an adjoining kicker gap on the other is a large up and down manny pad with a hip attatched to the side. On the far side of the street course is a series of rail and ledges with a pole jam for those after a long grind line.

The bowl here is a long kinked shape with varying depth and a vert extension at one end and is open at one end too for ease of access. There is coping around all the edges and the surfaces are all super smooth.

This is a great spot and probably the best in Derby, definitely worth checking out if you live nearby or if you are just in the area. There are some interesting lines to be riden here as well as being a place that woul dbe good to practise the basics.


Opening Times : Always open
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Bass’s Recreation Ground
St. Alkmunds Way

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Derby train station: Exit Derby station onto Rilway Terrace and head north, on your right you will then see a road named Station Approach, take this road and follow it until you can see Bass’s Recreational Ground in which Bass Rec skatepark can be found.

Siddals Road bus stop: Exit the bus onto Siddals Road and head east, where the road forks turn back on yourself and Bass’s Recreational Ground will be in sight where Bass rec skatepark is.

National Rail Derby 0.4 miles
Bus Siddals Road 0.2 miles Skylink


There are no on site toilets however there are free to use facilities nearby in the park.