Exmouth Skatepark


Exmouth skatepark is a huge course in Phear Park made up of skatelite ramps on a tarmac base. It is mainly a transitions skatepark with some street obstacles thrown into the mix.

Along the back wall is a line of three mini ramps of increasing size all back to back with each other forming a spine and a volcano between them. Off some of the platforms of these mini ramps are either quarter pipes or a flat bank leading into the main body of the skatepark. Where the spine is, there is a long flat bank with a euro gap along the whole length that also opens into the main part of the park. On the opposite side to the mini ramps are a series of quarter pipes and flat banks in a line acting as return ramps back into the middle of the park, with the flat bank hosting a large vert wall.

In the middle of the park in a line are a line of a driveway, an up and down kickers, a ledge and manny pad combination, a jumpbox and pyramid combination and two ledges in a line.

This is a great park, especially if you like to get a lot of air and there are a lot of obstacles of varying size and shape. It is slightly more BMX oriented but there is something for everyone here of all ability. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the are, particularly if you like to ride transitions.

Opening Times : Subject to opening and closing times
  • Free
  • Outdoors
  • Skatelite

Getting there

Exmouth Skatepark
Phear park
Withycombe Road
National Rail Exmouth 0.7 miles
Bus Clinic 0.1 miles 97, 98, 99E, 157 & 257

Exmouth train station: Exit Exmouth station onto Marine Way and follow the road north until Lyndhurt Road. Take this road and follow it until the end where it exits onto Withycombe Village Road and enter Phear Park where Exmouth skatepark can be found.

Clinic bus stop: Exit the bus onto Withycombe Village Road and enter Phear Park where Exmouth skatepark can be found.



There are no on site toilets but there are free to use facilities nearby in the park.

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