Tiverton Skatepark

Tiverton skatepark was built by Maverick Industries and opened in 2014. It is a large, all concrete skatepark featuring a large bowl and a long street course holding all of the usual obstacles.

The street section starts on one side with a small quarter pipe that opens into a flat bank leading down to the next level which has a euro gap lined by two hubbas. Next to this is a larger quarter pipe and both of these lead into the next part of the street course which is made up of a driveway with a hubba and a rail, a many pad and a kicker gap. After this there is a pyramid with a block on top next to a pump bump with a bowled edge to finish the course as a return ramp.

The bowl here is huge and hosts three main sections of varying depths. The first section is a classic rectangular bowl with a side that opens into the centre of the bowl with a long pump bump bridging the gap. The other two sections are divided by a long volcano spine with a rounded edge for pumping around. One half has a vert extension and the other has a ledge on top of one of the edges.

This is a great park and the surfaces are super smooth and grippy. The bowl has endless lines that you could pump around all day without having to push at all and there is spine transfer potential over the central divider. The street course also has some really nice lines that you can pump along with a decent set of obstacles to use. This park is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics but also for more experienced riders who want to fine tune their skills and master the lines.

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Tiverton Skate Park
Bolham Road
EX16 6SG

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Tiverton Parkway train station: As it is a long way from the station it would be recommended to get a bus or a taxi to get to Tiverton skatepark.

Tiverton Petroc College bus stop: Exit the bus onto Bolham Road and head south until Tiverton skatepark is in sight.

National Rail Tiverton Parkway 8.3 miles
Bus Tiverton Petroc College 0.1 miles 55A, 349 & 398


The following suppliers were involved in the design and build of the current skatepark.