Slades Farm Skatepark

Bournemouth skatepark is one of the more unusual parks in the UK. It is an all concrete transitions park with a huge oddly shaped bowl and some metal obstacles scattered around the area.

On one side is a huge flat area surronded on all sided with a bowled edge and coming off one side is a small mini ramp with a bowled corner. In the middle of this flat area is a spine and in line with that is a small roll in with a rail lead up from the upper level into the bowl. Next to the roll in is a narrow mini ramp style channel that curves around and opens up into a larger kidney bean shaped bowl. The upper level of the skatepark also features some metal ramps in the shape of a jump box and a driveway.

This is a great local park with an unsual set up. It is mainly aimed at transition riders but the bowls here are mellow meaning it is perfect for beginners trying to learn the ropes or experienced riders mastering the lines.


Opening Times : Always open
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Slades Farm Skatepark
Slades Farm
Ensbury Avenue
BH10 4EU

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Bournemouth train station: As it is a long distance from Bournemouth station it would be recommended to get a bus or at axi to Slades Farm skatepark.

Jubilee Gardens bus stop: Exit the bus onto Slades Farm Road and head south until the park where Bournemouth skatepark can be found.


National Rail Bournemouth 2.4 miles
Bus Jubilee Gardens 0.1 miles 32