Unity Skatepark (Dumfries)

Unity skatepark is an all concrete park that can be found on the outskirts of Dumfries and it holds a mixture of street and transition elements.

The skatepark starts on one side with a raised platform adjacent to a bowled mini ramp section that opens up onto the main body of the skatepark. The raised level transitions down to the main body with a flat bank with hubbas and a rail and following these is a driveway with a hipped bank and a hubba along side two manny pads. Surrounding the street section of the park are also a series of flat banks and quarter pipes of various heights that face into the park.

Unity skatepark is a great local spot with something for everyone. There is a decent selection of obstacles that are well arranged making it a great place for beginner to come and practise the basics or even if you are more experienced and after a challenge.

Opening Times : Subject to opening and closing times
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Unity Skatepark
Kingholm Road
Dumfries and Galloway

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Dumfries train station: Exit Dumfries station onto the roundabout and take St Mary’s Street until Shakespeare Street is on your left. Take this road until St Michaels Street is on your right and take this road south until the roundabout. Here take Lindsay Terrace south until Kingholm Road and then follow this road until Unity¬†skatepark is on your right.

Nithbank bus stop: Exit the bus onto Lindsay Terrace and head south taking Kingsholm Road and following it until Unity skatepark is on your right.


National Rail Dumfries 1.9 miles
Bus Nithbank 0.5 miles 5, 6, 79, 114, 236, 246, 372, 381, 501, 521, 862, 875 & 881