Saughton Skatepark

Saughton skatepark is one of the largest outdoor concrete skateparks in the UK and was opened in 2010. It features three main sections; transitions, street and a bowl section, and can be found in Saughton Park on the west side of the city.

The street section here runs in an L-shape around the rest of the park and starts in one corner with some ledges, hubbas and rails that lead up to a flat bank down and then up to a pyramid funbox with rails hubba, and a small extension. Following on from this is a corner section that features a hipped bank, rail, manny pad, extension and block. Perpendicular to this is the final section of the run that has a flat bank, rail, hubba and finishes with a bowled corner.

In the back corner o the skatepark is the bowl section which is made up of a square shape with two round sections coming off each corner. The round sections have old school pool coping around the edges and one even has an extension. The remainder has metal coping around the edge and the entire thing has a flat bottom.

The transition section here is huge and is the main attraction of the park featuring everything you could possibly want and imagine. The whole area is set at various different heights and also features a cradle, vert walls, extensions, spines, volcanoes, a speed bowl, roll overs, pump bumps and plenty of hips and corners to pump around.

Saughton skatepark is a top class facility and draws people from all over Scotland and the UK. It literally has something for everyone of all abilities and is a great place to come and learn the basics or for a challenging skate. The transitions section is arranged so that you can pump your way around all day without having to push once and the street section contains some long and flowing lines. This skatepark is a must and should be checked out if you are in the area or visited if not.

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Haymarket train station: Exit Haymarket station onto West Coates road and head west continuing onwards as it turns into Roseburn Terrace and then into Corstorphine Road. On your right will be Riversdale Road take this road and then turn left, crossing over the river and following the footpath and crossign back over the river onto Baird Road. Continue south on the footpath and you will enter Saughton Park where Saughton skatepark can be found.

Balgreen Primary School bus stop: Exit the bus onto Stevenson Drive and Saughton skatepark will be in sight.

National Rail Haymarket 1.6 miles
Bus Balgreen Primary School 0.1 miles 1, 2, 22 & X26