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The Skateparks Project offers free impartial advice, resources and support to councils and communities looking to build skateparks. If you want a new skatepark, please contact us using the below form.

Why skateparks?

Skateparks are among the most requested leisure facilities, particularly amongst young people. When done properly, a new skatepark can bring together communities, encourage activity and reduce antisocial behaviour. Whilst the UK boasts around 1,500 skateparks, many communities do not have access to adequate skatepark facilities. Decisions are often made with skateparks treated as generic playgrounds. Unfortunately this often results in the construction of poor facilities. The Skateparks Project was set up to promote the construction of good quality skateparks, allowing those engaging in new skatepark projects to benefit from our experience.

Help for councils

  • Free impartial advice
  • Facilitation of meetings, focus groups and consultations
  • Mediation
  • Expert witness

Help for communities

  • Free impartial advice
  • Introductions to funding sources
  • Meeting and workshop facilitation
  • Support with formalising community groups
  • Free resources

Building skateparks

We do not build skateparks ourselves and remain impartial throughout the design and tender process. However, we can review designs and provide advice regarding appropriateness and implications of layout and materials, given consideration of your budget and user demographic.

We are currently working on a database of trusted skatepark builders.


We do not offer any funding for skatepark projects. However, we can point you in the direction of funding sources.

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