Cinderford Skatepark

Cinderford skatepark was designed and built by Wheelscape and opened in 2011. It is a well rounded all concrete park with something for everyone whether you ride transitions or street with some nice flowing lines that incorporate both.

The transitions section here is made up of two sections a larger, deeper bowl with a narrower, shallower one adjoined to it with coping around the entire edge. There is also a pump bump next to the bowl and on the back edge is a small quarter pipe with bowled corners that opens up into the street section.

On either side of this quarter pipe is a 3 hipped bank and a bowled edge that opens up to a step up to the next level using a curved flat bank with a stair set and hand rail lined with hubbas and a euro gap on one side with a extension and rainbow rail on the other. The back side of the upper level is completed with a flat bank that can be used as the return ramp.

Overall Cinderford is a great local park with a nice selection of obstacles that provides something for both beginners and experienced alike. The layout of the park has been designed in a way that lets you flow between sections easily and create long flowing lines, definitely worth a visit.

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Cinderford Skatepark
Steam Mills Road
GL14 3HY

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Gloucester train station: As it is a long way from the station it would be recommended to get a bus or a taxi to get to Cinderford skatepark.

Hollywood Works bus stop: Exit the bus onto Valley Road and walk up to Steam Mills Road. Here the skatepark will be in sight.

National Rail Gloucester 14.1 miles
London Underground Hollywood Works 0.2 miles 30


The following suppliers were involved in the design and build of the current skatepark.