Bolton Skatepark

Bolton skatepark was designed and built by Freestyle, opening in 2015. It is an all concrete course that is set up in one long continuous flowing loop with both street and transition elements.

One side of the course starts with a taco off which leads two different paths. One starts with a stair set and a rail & hubbas that follows onto a hipped bank and finishes with quarter pipe at the end for a return ramp. The other path starts with a flat bank and pole jam that leads down to a further flat bank lined with hubbas and a rail. Following on from this is an earthquake gap next to a roll over and finishes with a mellow quarter pipe for a return ramp. In between and perpendicular to these two runs are a small mini ramp with bowled corners and adjacent to this are some staggered ledges. On the back side of the skatepark is a small rhythm run that features two quarter pipes at either side with a jump box and a roll over in between them.

Bolton skatepark is a fantastic skatepark with something for everyone of all abilities. The arrangement of the obstacles in one long continuous loop is a great feature and you could pump around the course all day hitting every line. The concrete surfaces are also smooth meaning that this skatepark should be high up on your list of places to visit, especially if you are already in the area.


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Bolton Skatepark
Dawes Street
Greater Manchester

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Bolton train station: Exit Bolton station onto Trinity Street and head west until Newport Street on your right. Take this road and follow it up until the footpath on your left. Take this path and then cross over the railway bridge to find Bolton skatepark.

Catholic Church bus stop: Exit the bus onto Great Moor Street and head west until the footpath on your left. Here, take the path and Bolton skatepark will be in sight.


National Rail Bolton 0.3 miles
Bus Catholic Church 0.2 miles 511


There are no on site toilets but there are free to use facilities nearby in the supermarket.