Hoglands Park Skatepark

Hoglands Park skatepark is situated right in the centre of the park and is a popular spot in the centre of town for local skaters.

It features three large mini ramps, one with a vert extension and that are back to back to form a spine between two of them. There is also a smaller mini ramp for those jus starting out on ramps and wanting t master the basics before moving up. Joined to these is a series of flat banks in a line, two which for a driveway with a rail running along the middle of it.

Nearby by the pavilion is a small street area with ledges and rails and a stair set to practise your grinds on but it is not that big and the ground is not too smooth.

This is a good local spot but it is not the most challenging place to come, better for those starting out and wanting to learn the basics.

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Hogland Park
Palmerston Rd
SO14 1LP

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Southampton Central train station: Exit the station onto Western Esplanade and head east until you reach Above Bar Street. Here cross diagonally over Palmerston Park and at the end you will see Hoglands Park in which the skatepark is based.

Debenhams bus stop: Exit the bus onto Hoglands Park and the skatepark will be in sight.

National Rail Southampton Central 0.6 miles
Bus Debenhams 0.2 miles


There is no toilets on site however there are free to use facilities nearby.