Hereford Skatepark

Hereford skatepark was designed and built by Wheelscape in three phases, the most recent of which has been completed in 2012. It is an all concrete park that contain something for everyone, whether it is street or transition your after they have it here, and a whole host of unusual obstacles and lines for you to hit.

In the top corner is where the first phase was originally built and it features a small double bowl adjoined to a street plaza with a stair set and rail, flat banks, a wave, manny pads, ledges and finishing with a bowled end as a return ramp. There is also a nice circular ledge with a tree in the middle, reminiscent of some city spots.

Phase 2 of the built lead to the addition of a large unusual bowl section that leads off the street plaza and features three bowls. The first one is a shallower one made up of two rectangles and has some nice bowled corners to pump around and a large roll over that leads into the second bowl. The second bowl here is deeper and more open and also has a spine in between it and the first bowl, there is also an extension leading along one side as well. On the other side of the extension is a a long mini ramp style bowl that is whippy and has a bowled edge on one side.

The most recent addition of phase 3 has lead to the creation of a large street loop lapping around the outside of the existing skate area. Starting by the tree in the plaza it opens with a series of banks with a manny pad, hubba and rail leading up to a hipped bank on the corner that follows up to a rail and a raised level with manny pad and flat bank and two hubbas. On from this is an earthquake gap with a rail the leads up to a bowled corner and following on from that is the final straight featuring an up and down kicker and ledge and finishing with a stair set/bank with pole jam and hubbas.

Hereford skatepark is a top class facility, the area is large and the surfaces are super smooth. Both the bowl section and the street section here are next level and can provide a challenge for experienced skaters as well as a decent practise ground for beginners trying to lay down the basics. This should be high up on your list of parks to visit even if you are not from the area as there are few places like it.

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Hereford Skatepark
Holmer Road

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Hereford train station: Exit Hereford station onto Aylestone Hill and head east until Barrs Court Road is on your left. Take this road and head north until the roundabout. Here take Burcott Road and follow it round until Perseverance Road is on your right. Take this road until the end where it meets Holmer Road, turn right and follow the road north until Hereford skatepark is in sight.

Leisure Centre bus stop: Exit the bus onto Holmer Road and the skatepark should be in sight.


National Rail Hereford 1.5 miles
Bus Leisure Centre 0.1 miles 72B & 492


There is no on site toilet but there are free to use facilities nearby in the leisure centre.


The following suppliers were involved in the design and build of the current skatepark.