Royal Oak (Meanwhile 2) Skatepark

Known by either Royal Oak or Meanwhile 2, this park has been beneath this underpass for a long time in the form of the two half pipes. However in August 2008 Freestyle finished works on the skatepark to unveil a small new section adjacent to the original features.

The two half pipes are in line with each other but set at differing heights with a large gap in between, made famous by Mark Gonzales with his front side ollie in 1987. The lower half pipe has a bowled out edge and recently had a ledge added that follows this around.

The part of the park that has been built more recently is simple but has enough space to re-adjust between tricks for easier lines. It features a flat bank and a T-block ledge with a pyramid hip and a bowl corner.

Surprisingly this is one of the very few undercover/indoor skateparks in London, and it’s free! It’s a great place to come for a relaxed session or on a rainy day and it has lighting too meaning that night time sessions are on the cards.

Opening Times : No known opening and closing times
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Underneath Westway at:
Harrow Road
W2 5XQ

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Royal Oak train station: Exit Royal Oak station onto Harrow Road and head west, it should soon be on your left under the overpass.

Royal Oak bus stop: Exit the bus and the skatepark should be in sight.

London Underground Royal Oak 0.1 miles Circle and Hammersmith & City lines
Bus Royal Oak (Stops RC & RD) 0.1 miles 18 & N18


There are toilets nearby in the leisure centre.