Coronavirus: Some Skateparks Set to Reopen

Published by Alex Jordan
May 13, 2020

Updated May 29th 2020.

Following recent government updates, it would appear that as of May 13th 2020 some outdoor skateparks are set to reopen in England. However, all skateparks in Northern Ireland and Wales remain closed. As of May 29th 2020 outdoor skateparks in Scotland are open, subject to social distancing rules.

There is still confusion over which skateparks will reopen in England. It is understood that outdoor sports facilities are to open in England, but that playgrounds and outdoor gyms are to remain closed. Since most outdoor skateparks are council-owned, it is up to individual councils to determine whether their facilities should open based on whether they consider them playgrounds or sports facilities. The Skateparks Project will continue to lobby for skateparks to be recognised across the UK as sports facilities.

At this time no indoor skateparks can reopen.

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We’ll publish more information as we get it.

Stay safe!

– Alex and The Skateparks Project team.