Free Skateboard Griptape Anyone?

Published by Alex Jordan
July 3, 2015

PLEASE NOTE: As of 30/06/2016 this promotion is no longer available. Thank you to everyone who took part. We’re are currently looking for a replacement offer.


Do you want some free skateboard griptape?

Our friends at are giving away free griptape in return for your help sending us information about your local skatepark.

We’re also giving away additional prizes at random!

So what do you have to do to get free grip?

It’s quite simple really, all you have to do is send us information about your local skatepark.

First of all you must message us through our Facebook page and tell us where your local skatepark is. We’ll then ask you some questions about your local park, and may also ask for some photos. Once you’ve emailed these to us and we’ve approved it, we’ll send the grip out to you. Nice!


Offer applies to skateboard grip sheets available at Only one per person. UK only. You will only get the grip once you’ve supplied all of the details we’ve requested from you. We reserve the right to only send grip if the quality of the information is good and useful to us. That means if we ask for a selection of nice photos and they are crap then we’ll say sorry, please send us more! This offer is subject to stock availability. We’ll post here when the promotion ends. If we already have enough information about your local park, we’ll ask for information about a different park close to where you live instead.