Glow in the Dark Skatepark Coming to Everton Park, Liverpool

Published by Nick
May 18, 2015

You may already know about the quirky Otro park and had dreams about late night sessions there. If not then let me bring you up to speed – it’s a skatepark built from luminous concrete in France, designed by South Korean artist Koo Jeong A. Yes, it glows in the dark!

Built in 2012, pictures of the skatepark went viral in the skating circles securing it’s status as a must vist for many. Now fast forward to 2015 and the Liverpool Biennial, in partnership with Liverpool City Council, have commisioned Koo to do the same but in Everton Park!

It will be the fourth skatepark produced in Liverpool as part of a citywide initiative and is being designed in conjunction with local skaters with help from Wheelscape Skateparks for the construction. It is expected to open in Easter 2015 subject to planning permission and will undoubtably become a pilgrimage for skaters up and down the county.


The proposed designs encorporate a plaza style street section enclosed around a kidney bowl with some nice looking hips and curves. Can’t wait to see some night time edits of the locals tearing it up!