Henley Skatepark needs an upgrade.

Published by Alex Jordan
March 20, 2015

The local community are campaigning on behalf of Henley skatepark in order to get a long overdue upgrade. The group aim is to create a new safe, inclusive and family orientated concrete skatepark for Henley has already raised £75,000 in the form of grants and grassroots fundraising towards the project.

The new Skatepark will be built by Maverick Industries, who were the builders behind Dunstable Skatepark and specialise in the design and build of spray concrete skateparks. The Henley Skatepark initiative are hoping to raise enough money to build a variety of features, including a 1800mm quarterpipe, a 3.5 m round rail, a flatbank with a ledge and bridge hubba, a 650 mm jersey and a rolled lip volcano section and whole host of other ramps. It look like the upgrade is going to be awesome.

To support and keep up to date with this project, visit the Henley Skatepark Facebook Page.