Two Skateparks planned for North Lincolnshire – have your say

Published by Alex Jordan
March 5, 2015

Calling all North Lincolnshirers, it’s time to have your say. The local Council is asking people for their views on the proposed plans for new skate parks in Barton and Winterton, (and an equally enticing Multi-Use Games Area MUGA in Gunness and Burringham).

The council want to hear from all residents, but especially young people, from across North Lincolnshire to share their thoughts on the proposed new skateparks, by taking part in the consultations. The council wants to determine if these facilities are what young people want and if they will suit their needs.

There are three different schemes that the council is currently consulting on, two of which concern brand new skateparks.

Firstly, Barton Skate Park which the council wants to locate in Baysgarth School grounds in Barton. we’re hoping that building a skatepark in a school ground won’t affect when the skatepark can be used by locals.

And Winterton Skatepark which the council wants to build at the home of Winterton Rangers Football Club.

And finally, just incase you were curious, the third proposal is for  a Multi-Use Games Area on the playing field site at Stone Lane in Burringham.

The council’s survey offers young people a brilliant opportunity to have their say on how they would like their facilities to look and what kinds of designs they’d like to be included, for examples ramps and jump heights. We sure wish other councils would take a leaf out of North Lincolnshire’s book!

If you’re local to north lincs, and want to give your input, you can find the survey here on the North Lincolnshire council’s website up until Wednesday 11th March 2015.

If you miss the consultation, don’t worry, you can still discuss and track the skateparks progress by liking the Barton Skatepark Facebook page, and checking Winterton’s local trust website.