Waltham Abbey Skatepark is getting bigger

Published by Alex Jordan
March 12, 2015

The skating community are no doubt celebrating in Waltham Abbey tonight, as Waltham Abbey skatepark has just secured £75,000 towards a revamp.

The skatepark is located at Town Mead in Waltham Abbey, and the new revamp includes making the skatepark larger in order to give people more room to practice their skills. The expansion is funded by Essex County Council and Epping Forest District Council.

The Gravity skatepark already has a Kinked half bowl with street section, a bank hip, rails, blocks and a quarter with doorway but the new designs look like they will include a high bowl with a waterfall, a high rounded end volcano and a 12 degree flat bench with a hand rail and bubba ledge.

Council clerk Kathryn Richmond told the Herfordshire Mercury: “It [Waltham Abbey Skatepark] is very, very well used and because of the amount of skaters and BMX riders we get there it could definitely do with being a little bit bigger.”

So far the proposed plans have been met with approval, with many in the community acknowledging the popularity of the skatepark and reacting enthusiastically to the plans. Even Waltham Abbey’s local UKIP councillor acknowledged that while the project seemed to cost a lot of money, he supported the project as “the town needs to provide for teenagers.” It must be good then!

Rod Butler, who represents the town, said: “It does seem an awful lot of money to spend and I just hope that it will be worth it in terms of usage.

The new upgrades are currently scheduled to be finished in June 2015.