Eaton Park Skatepark


Situated in Eaton Park, this skatepark was opened by Freestyle in 2010 and is a super smoth concrete park with a mixture of transition and street obstacles for riders of all abilities.

The street section is fairly basic with a small flat bank with bowled hubba and rail running down the middle of it and a T-block ledge at the top. Although this is in the centre of the park it is not the main attraction of whats on offer here. The whole park is surrounded by a bowled edge with a small kink at one end forming a figure 8 shape, and along the edge of this are also two ledges and a love seat built into the edges. Adjacent to the kink is also a hip and a volcano, for tricking off or pumping for speed.

Next to this is also a small figure 8 bowl with coping around the edge which forms two spines into the main area of the skatepark.

This is a great local park and probably the best outdoor facility in Norwich and it is definitely worth checking out. The obstacles are not too challenging making it a great place to practise the basics but the layout is set up in such a way that more experienced riders can use the course to their advantage for long flowing lines.


Opening Times : Always open
  • Concrete
  • Free
  • Outdoors

Getting there

Eaton Park
South Park Avenue
National Rail Norwich 2.8 miles
Bus Custance Court 0.2 miles 25 & 31

Norwich train station: As Eaton Park skatepark is a long way from Norwich station it would be rcommended to take a bus or a taxi to get there.

Custance Court bus stop: Exit the bus onto South Park Avenue and walk east until Eaton Park skatepark is in sight.


  • Lighting

There is no on site toilets however there are free to use facilities nearby.

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