Prissick Plaza (Middlesborough)

Prissick Plaza is a huge all concrete outdoor facility that can be found in Stewarts Park on the edge of Middlesborough. It is primarily a street plaza with a strong street focus but there are some transition elements in the form of a bowl and a small skatelite park section.

The main skateable area here is lowered into the ground and focused around a central square that features stair sets with rails and hubbas, flat banks, quarter pipes, manny pads and ledges that lead up to the upper level which is a flat area. Surrounding the central area are also a series of flat banks & quarter pipes with rails and hubbas and also ledges, some of which are staggered and all of which face inwards towards the raised square area.

On the back side of the skatepark is a small kidney shaped bowl that is set at two different depths, the shallower section is narrower and the deeper section is more rounded like a speed bowl. On the opposite side to this is the small back and forth based park section that is made up of skatelite ramps in line to make a small rhythm section.

Prissick Plaza is a top class facility, particularly if you are a street skater. The surfaces are smooth and the park has a very creative layout with a lot of space between the obstacles, meaning it doesn’t get too over crowded and there is a lot of space to adjust between tricks. There are a lot of lines to skate here and whether you are a beginner or are more experienced you should get down here and check it out.



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Prissick Plaza
Marton Road
County Durham

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Marton train station: Exit the station onto Ladgate Road and head west until it crosses with Marton Road. Here turn right and follow the road until Prissick Plaza is on your right.

Broughton Avenue bus stop: Exit the bus onto Marton Road and Prissick Plaza will be in sight.


National Rail Marton 0.6 miles
Bus Broughton Avenue 0.1 miles 28, 322R, 455, 603, 605 & X80