Lady Bay Skatepark


The Lady Bay skatepark has existed since 1998 and was Nottingham’s first skatepark with a half pipe, however in 2013 a large investment was made to refurbish the skatepark and improve the condition of this iconic piece of the Nottingham skate scene. The park itself is lacks the originality of other skateparks in Nottingham however it is a nice local park and holds a small transition and street section.

The street section is very back and forth based and features a driveway lied with a hubba and bookended by a quarter pipe and flat bank. There is also a couple of rails adjacent to the driveway. The mini ramp is fairly mellow and stands a 5ft tall with two extensions, it is long enough to give a decent amount of space for lines and has coping along the edges.

This is a nice local park but if you are after a more challenging ride make the trip into town to go to some of the more complex and interesting parks.

Opening Times : Always open
  • Free
  • Outdoors
  • Wood

Getting there

Lady Bay Skatepark
West Bridgford
Bus Lady Bay 0.3 miles 11

Lady Bay bus stop: Exit the bus onto Trent Boulevard and head east until you see Woodland Road. Walk along this road until the end and Lady Bay skatepark will be in sight.


There are no on-site toilets but there are facilities free to use nearby.

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