Rutland Skateparks


Rutland may be a small county with only two towns (Oakham and Uppingham), but it still has skateparks. The Skateparks Project’s guide to skateparks in Rutland offers information provided by local skaters and riders to give you a useful insight into the county’s officially designated skate spots.


Manton skatepark consists of a small metal box with two flatbanks and launch ramp. The park is situated on a […]

Free Metal Outdoors

Positioned close to Oakham town centre, Oakham’s Cutts Close skatepark contains quarter pipes, a flat bank, rails, ledges and a […]

Free Outdoors Skatelite Wood

Uppingham Skatepark at Tod’s Piece Recreational Ground is a concrete skatepark featuring a series of quarter pipes, flat banks, ledges […]

Concrete Free Outdoors