Millhouses Park Skatepark


Millhouses Park skatepark is all concrete and holds some of the usual obstacles you would expect to find. It has a fairly large and open skating area and is mainly street focused.

It is based on two levels, on the upper level is a double ledge housed in a flat area surrounded by a low wall. One side of this level leads into a flat bank that drops down to the bottom level and down the middle of this flat bank runs a hubba and grind rail. On the bottom level is another double ledge and grind rail and along side this is a pyramid with a long hubba lining one side.

This is a nice local par with a lot of space to manoeuvre between tricks. Theres nothing too challenging here so it is a good place to come and practise the basics or play a game of skate with friends, if you are after something more challenging check out some of the other skateparks in Sheffield.

Opening Times : No known opening and closing times
  • Concrete
  • Free
  • Outdoors

Getting there

Millhouses Park
Abbeydale Rd South
South Yorkshire
S7 2QN
Bus Hartington Avenue 0.2 miles 83, 97, 98, 21B, 714, 785, 786, 798, C5 & C6

Hartington Avenue bus stop: Exit the bus stop onto Abbeydale Road South and Millhouses skatepark should be in sight.


There are no on site toilets however there are free to use facilities nearby.

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