Silksworth Skatepark (Sunderland)

Silksworth skatepark is an all concrete skatepark that can be found in the Silksworth Sport Complex and is mainly a transitions based park with some street elements thrown into the mix.

The skatepark is made up of four sections, three of which are linked together. The fourth section is a rectangular bowl with rounded edges and is spined on two sides with the larger bowled section. This section is the one made up of three parts, the first of which is a large, open flat bottomed bowl the side of which is spined with the centre section and the corner of which leads into the middle section. This part is set at two levels and has a flat bank and stair set leading in from the top platform and a wide open space inside the bowl. One side of this is taken up with a large funbox style block in between this and the third section and it features a funbox & driveway with hubba and a jump box style feature incorporated. The final section is another wide, open bowl and has a three tiered ledge set leading in to it and a large quarter pipe with extension on one side.

Silksworth skatepark is a fantastic skatepark, especially if you are a transitions skater. The bowls here are large and open and they have been creatively arranged to create endless lines that you can pump around. The incorporation of street elements has also been done well to create a well rounded course. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced skater you should get yourself down here and check it out.

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Silksworth Skatepark
Silksworth Sports Complex
Silksworth Road
Tyne and Wear

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Sunderland train station: As it is a long distance from the station it would be recommended to get a bus or a taxi to get to Silksworth skatepark.

Newport Farm bus stop: Exit the bus onto Silksworth Lane and Silksworth Sports Complex will be in sight, where the skatepark can be found.

National Rail Sunderland 2.9 miles
Bus Newport Farm 0.3 miles 12


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