North Solihull Skatepark

North Solihull skatepark was designed and built by Wheelscape and opened in 2010. It is a large all concrete course that features both street and transition elements and can be found in Lanchester Park.

The skatepark is designed in one continuous loop and starts in one corner with a hipped bank that opens up into a flat area with a flat bank leading up one side and a pump bump in the middle. Following this is a curved flat bank that leads upto the next level with a rail, euro gap and extension as well as a spine on to the mini ramp that is in the middle of the skatepark. Following this there is two paths you can take, one leading up to a bank with extension, the other leading to a bricked bank via a manny pad. Linking these two is a long ledge and also a curved manny pad.

North Solihull skatepark is a great local spot and literally has something for everyone. There is a wide selection of obstacles and transitions which have been creatively designed to make a skatepark that has endless lines that can be pumped along without a push. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater get yourself down here and check it out!

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North Solihull Skatepark
Lanchester Park
Lanchester Way
B36 9LP

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Water Orton train station: Exit the station onto Birmingham Road and head west until Lanchester Park is on your left. Here is where North Solihull skatepark can be found.

Park Hall School bus stop: Exit the bus onto Water Orton Road and Lanchester Park will be in sight. Here is where North Solihull skatepark can be found.

National Rail Water Orton 1.3 miles
Bus Park Hall School 0.1 miles 16 & 70


The following suppliers were involved in the design and build of the current skatepark.