WARNING! We believe this skatepark is permanently closed. Please let us know if this is incorrect or if it has reopened.

Unit3Sixty Skatepark

Unit3Sixty skatepark is a large indoor skatepark that was opened in 2014. It has been constructed of bespoke wooden ramps and is set over 2 large warehouses in the centre of Stourbridge.

The skatepark is split into two rooms, a street section and a transitions course. The street section here is fairly simple with a stair set, hubba and flat bank on one side that opens up onto a large flat area with a hipped bank on one side and a driveway with a rail in the middle. The back side is then made up of a small bowled section acting as a return ramp.

The transitions section here is the main draw for most people and is made up of a long, deep run made up of bowled edges of varying heights. It starts on the far side with an open sided, round bowl that opens onto the main body of the skatepark. Following this is a love seat and a pump bump that is adjacent to a cradle. Following this is a spine attached to a volcano and another bowled area with a small extension.

Unit3Sixty is one of the best indoor skateparks in the West Midlands and is a great place to come and practise the basics or if you are a more experienced skater looking for a challenge. Either way, get yourself down here and check it out for yourself.

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Units 5&6
The Stourbridge Estate
Mill Race Lane
West Midlands

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Stourbridge Town train station: Exit the station onto Vauxhall Road and head north until the end where it meets Birmingham Street. Turn left onto this road and follow it until High Street, turn right onto this road and continue north until Mill Race Lane. Take this road and Unit3Sixty will be here.

Mill Race Lane bus stop: Exit the bus on High Street and head north until Mill Race Lane. Turn right onto this road and follow the road until Unit3Sixty is in sight.


National Rail Stourbridge Town 0.5 miles
Bus Mill Race Lane 0.2 miles 246, 256, 257, 267 & 657


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  • On-site Skate Shop
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