Elland Skatepark


Elland skatepark was designed and built by Wheelscape and opened in 2012. It was a revamp of the old ramps and now features both street and transition elements and can be found in Hullen Edge Park.

The main skateable area here is a large, open area that has a bowled corner and a wedge in the opposite one with a pyramid with hubba, ledges, manny pad, rail and pole jam between them. Leading off this area are two other sections, the first features a spine and roll over that lead up to a quarter pipe. The other is a more street inspired part that has a flat bank leading down with hubbas, a rail and drop that lead up to a quarter pipe.

Elland skatepark is a nice local spot that has a bit of everything. The surfaces are smooth and the obstacles are well spaced. The layout has been well thought out and makes good use of the space meaning its a good place for all abilities.

Opening Times : Subject to opening and closing times
  • Concrete
  • Free
  • Outdoors

Getting there

Elland Skatepark
Hullen Edge Park
Hullen Edge Road
West Yorkshire
National Rail Huddersfield 4.7 miles
Bus Victoria Road 0.1 miles 343, 537 & E7

Huddersfield train station: As it is a long distance from the station it would be recommended to get a bus or a taxi to get to Elland skatepark.

Victoria Road bus stop: Exit the bus and take Recreation Lane north and exit into Hullen Edge Park where Elland skatepark can be found.

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